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Vocational training provides students with a curriculum that equips them for the job that they expect to join. Broad-based knowledge and skills are good, but for some individuals with disabilities, specific skills need to be explicitly taught that are necessary for survival in the workplace and the community.

When developing customized vocational service for a special-needs person, We focus on:

  • Individual needs and abilities
  • Independent living skill development
  • Personal interests and goals

Pre-vocational skills for students with disabilities include:

  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Personal hygiene and appearance
  • Responsibility and integrity
  • Attitude and demeanour

Vocational skills examples include:

  • Work readiness
  • Interview and job search skills
  • Social and communication skills
  • Task analysis
  • Career choice
  • Safety
Ability Vocational Centre helps students prepare for independence in private and work lives by providing vocational and pre-vocational programs. The centre provides individuals with opportunities to work while learning. These opportunities expand their experiences and give positive exposure by working as skilled professionals. The activities help them achieve their goals such as performance, exploration and communication, as outlined in their individualized education plan (IEP).

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